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Erickson seizes opportunity in Red Bluff

Erickson seizes opportunity in Red Bluff                 Story by PRCA RED BLUFF, Calif. - Ty Er...

Roper Review

Barrie Smith

Barrie Smith has been winning all of her life. Growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, Barrie began winning buckles and saddles at an early age. I...

Back When They Bucked

Alvin Davis

  All his life, Alvin Davis has worked hard to promote the western culture and cowboy way of life.  At the age of seven, he got bi...

On The Trail

Kenny & Mary Ann Brown

Kenny and Mary Ann Brown, who have known each other since they were 15, have been at the National Finals Team Roping every year. They trav...

Back When They Bucked

Steve Gramith

Steve Gramith considers himself a “foot soldier” in the sport of rodeo.    The humble man was involved as both a contestant a...

On The Trail

Randy Bernard

Randy Bernard has paid out over 100 million dollars in the rodeo world throughout his career as a sports executive. Bernard grew up wearing ...

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