Colorado State High School Rodeo Association (CSHSRA)

Friday, 18 April 2014 11:24

Logan Massaro

story by Rachel Hummel


“Rodeo means the world to me. I have had quite a few things go wrong in my life, and rodeo was always the one thing that I looked forward, and is what I still look forward to. I got a job as a maintenance man at the local gym just so I could pay to keep going. Rodeo truly is what makes me happy,” says 17-yr-old Logan Massaro from Loveland, Colo.
    This is Logan’s third year as a member of the CSHSRA, and he competes solely in the bareback riding. “My dad was a bareback rider so I always knew about it, but I really got my start when I was riding some of my grandpa’s horses one day when one of them went to bucking. I stuck with him pretty well and after that I got really interested in competing.”
    Outside of rodeo, Logan is also a member of his school’s football team. “When I get to just have fun away from sports, I really enjoy just being outdoors. I love to fish and hunt, waterfowl mainly, and hang out with my friends. We usually go shooting though when we get together,” he says with a laugh.
    At the end of this rodeo season, Logan hopes to walk away with a state title as well as make it to the short-go at nationals. “One of my good friends, Trevor Reese, is leading me in points right now, but I hope that I can give him a run for his money.” Longer-term goals include going professional and one day making it to the NFR. “No matter what, I am going to keep competing at rodeo, even though I don’t have everything else completely figured out. I have considered enlisting in the Army after I graduate next year and am also hoping that I can get some rodeo scholarship offers from several schools. I’m just keeping my options open for right now.”
    Looking back on his rodeo career, Logan says that he has several moments that really stand out to him, such as making it to nationals last year and making the Cinch Team. “Also, I have recently been accepted to attend the Cowboy Outfitters Rodeo Camp. Only twenty kids in each event were invited to go, so it was pretty special that I got recommended by Sherri Schlegel, and then invited to participate.” The camp not only helps competitors with their event, but it also focuses on teaching them how to rodeo professionally and how to promote themselves.
    In fact, the camp is led by one of Logan’s greatest inspirations, Kaycee Feild. He, along with Casey Colletti and Bobby Mote, are the people whom Logan looks up to the most. “All of them are really classy guys and have always stayed humble, even though their riding skills are some of the best that have ever been seen. I would love to be able to compete at their level someday.”
    Some of Logan’s biggest supporters are his mom, Amy, and his sister, Alyssa, who he lives with. “The rodeo thing actually scares them pretty badly, especially since I ride bareback, but they stick it out and always cheer me on. My mom is really a great mom and I am lucky that they care so much.” Logan also says that he and his family are big fans of the Broncos and never miss a chance to cheer them on.
    Logan would like to say thank you to his two coaches, Bruce Graham and Larry Chambers, for all the help that they have given him, as well as to all of his friends at the rodeos. “Being around the people that I love is what makes me get up in the morning.”

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